You are welcome to submit your CV anytime. Irrespective of the time you send it, we carefully evaluate it and file it according to the position you are interested in. As soon as a new position opens, we will find the most suitable candidates from our CV database and contact them.


Visit the Career Paths section to learn about careers you may follow in our Group. Check our Job Advertisements for opportunities at one of our hotels or headquarters and find details about the requirements of each job.


When you see a job that matches your goals, click “Apply” to start the application process and upload your CV. If you don’t find a job that suits you, we still want to hear from you. Fill in your application and an opportunity could soon be knocking on your door!

The application form takes about 30 minutes to complete and you can save it at any point. You can apply to more than one positions or locations. Please pay attention while editing your profile, as the more correct and accurate it is the more your chances of being selected. To help make your application stand out:
  • Check your spelling and grammar. Consider getting a friend to check it for you before submitting
  • Make sure your achievements, interests, and passions are highlighted
You will receive a confirmation email after your application is submitted. You can log in and update your profile at any time. Your information will be kept in our database for 2 years and will be treated as strictly confidential.


Once you have submitted your application and if it meets the needs of the position, a member of our team will contact you about the next steps of the interviewing process. Provided that you accept our invitation, an interview will take place which will offer both you and the Group the opportunity to learn more about each other.

We will interview you over the phone or at one of our locations. Based on the position’s requirements, you may also participate in additional assessment procedures, such as tests under actual working conditions.

Upon completion of the process, you will be informed about the outcome of your application.


If you successfully complete the interview process, we will make you a formal offer. You may ask us any questions before you accept our offer—and, of course, we hope you will accept it!


Congratulations! You are now a member of the N. Daskalantonakis Group family! Through our selection process you have proven that you have a lot to contribute.

You will find a large community of people ready to welcome you. After an initial induction, you will have opportunities to network with your colleagues and participate in orientation programs. We will make you feel welcome and give you every chance to succeed!
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