The quality of the resort-hotels in each destination can only be conserved if their operation is affiliated with the local community, environment and economy.

Grecotel places equal importance on the quality of the surrounding area as it does on its hotels. For this reason, Grecotel’s environmental department support & promote eco-activities inside & outside the hotels as well as an important awareness & training program including Environmental – friendly Purchasing Policy.

In 1992, Grecotel became the first Mediterranean hotel group to undertake eco-audits in its hotels according to EU standards and formed an environment and culture department in its head office operations department.

These environmental initiatives, including the formation of a unique agricultural department which supplies biological produce to the hotels, have resulted in the Group being honoured with the most prestigious environmental awards worldwide. Grecotel is now a textbook example in leading tourism schools and universities.

To demonstrate the group’s agricultural initiatives, the Agreco Traditional Estate opened in 2001 on Crete. This unique showcase organic farm allows visitors to experience how everything from olive oil to honey and wine have been produced for centuries and then feast on the healthy Cretan cuisine in the farm taverna.


• To be realistic in setting goals, according to local considerations and development, so that environmental measures and actions will not undermine the quality of the existing Grecotel product.
• To implement measures of natural resources management (energy, water, raw materials) and waste, with the aim of improving the local environment and to encourage other members of the tourism industry to undertake corresponding initiatives.
• Environmental measures will feature in order of priority: a) the use of local recycled, recyclable and natural, biodegradable materials, b) energy and water saving, c) minimising and re-using waste and d) controlling air / soil / water pollution.
• The conservation and protection of the landscape, wildlife and historical resources near each Grecotel will have priority over other regional or general projects.
• Grecotel SA aims to collect and co-ordinate information on relevant programmes via its connections and partners, so as to avoid repetition of actions and to achieve the best possible use of available resources.
• To increase level of awareness of environmental issues within its own organisation, to local residents, hotel guests and business partners.
• To include improved environmental considerations in all new building and renovation plans.
• To balance financial benefits from waste management and energy saving against increased initial costs of other improvements.

View our Corporate and Social Responsibility Policy in detail.


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