As long as the sun is shining, the island’s greatest attractions are the many beautiful beaches and the clean blue-green sea. Locations that are easily accessible by public transportation or "far from the madding crowd"; family style beaches or those frequented mainly by wind-surfers – or flocks of nudists.

Along the Mykonos southern coast you will discover a great selection of the most cosmopolitan Mykonos beaches. Paradise and Super Paradise are famous for the all-day long parties & music festivals. Ornos and world-famous Psarou (where Mykonos Blu is located) are favorite spots. Visit Platis Yalos a very well organized beach where you can spend lazy days under the Mykonian sun. Finally, along Mykonos northern coast you will find beautiful beaches like Agia Anna, Houlakia, Kapari, Agrari and Agios Stefanos.

Sports & Activities
Mykonos is the most famous tourist island in the Eastern Mediterranean and certainly the most cosmopolitan among the Cyclades, something which is not just by chance. Mykonos (which actually is a part of small group of islands, together with Delos, Rhenia and various rocky islets) easily captures the visitors interest, thanks to the great variety of choices offer here.

There is something for everyone, whether one is demanding or unprepared a night owl, a typical world traveller or a nature lover; “holidays” here can mean anything from the most peaceful relaxation to the wildest partying.

Most Popular Activities:
- Fishing caiques & private water taxis to island beaches
- Scuba
- Watersports
- Jeep safari
- Jogging
- Fishing
- Spa



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