Our Group, despite its impressive growth through the years, has preserved all the fundamental values regarding its culture and family spirit. Our corporate culture comes from our basic principles, which revolve around the fact that we remain a big family and that our people are our greatest power. We take good care of our people, and they take good care of our guests! That is exactly why we make sure to create a working environment in which all employees feel that they belong. Exceptional people from different cultures work for Grecotel, and it is those people that made us who we are today. Our people are proud to work here, and we are proud of our people!

  • We acknowledge the fact that our people are the foundation of our success, and we commit to supporting you in accomplishing your goals respectively.
  • Our open and inclusive corporate culture is based on respect, trust, passion, and teamwork.
  • In Grecotel each person feels acknowledged, and talent enjoys the freedom and the opportunity to develop and evolve.
  • We place in priority and support lifelong development. 
  • We invest in lifelong learning and education of our employees through trainings and educational programmes.
  • We are constantly seeking for new challenges and opportunities. We are always open to new ideas and implementations that improve the quality of everything we do. 
  • The health, security and wellbeing of our staff is top priority and ensured through global certifications. 
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