Our Group has greatly expanded since its founding, but still preserves the fundamental elements of its culture and family spirit. Our corporate culture is rooted in the principle that we are a big family and that our people are our greatest strength. We take good care of our people and they take good care of our customers! Thus we make sure to sustain an environment where all employees feel they belong. Grecotel is staffed with wonderful people from different cultures  who have made us who we are today. Our people are proud to work for us and we are proud of them as well!

We foster a culture of collaboration and teamwork. This creates an energizing and innovative environment where people can deliver the best services for our customers. We are creating a corporate culture where everyone feels valued and talent has the freedom and opportunity to grow, learn, and evolve. When we recruit we look for people who we believe will thrive in this environment.

We are driven by our passion, as we constantly seek out challenges and identify new opportunities. We work hard to connect with our customers and earn their loyalty for life. We are a place where talented people can make bold contributions towards excellence, a company where new ideas are shared and conventions are challenged.

Our values are the foundation of everything we do and guide the decisions our people take every day. These values shape both our long-term strategy and the way we serve our customers. Our values reflect the vision of our founder, Nikos Daskalantonakis, and we expect all our employees to embrace them.


At Grecotel we recognize that our people are the foundation of our success so we are committed to helping you develop your personal and professional skills in order to achieve your goals. Your life-long development is at the heart of our corporate culture, which is why we provide an environment where you are encouraged to build your career and pursue your passions. We know we will only grow as a company if we grow our most important asset, our employees.


Our open and inclusive corporate culture is built on respect, trust, passion, and teamwork; it thus provides opportunities for everyone to have impact on our growth. We want the best people and encourage everyone to apply and bring their individual background and diverse experiences and perspectives. Working towards a more diverse workplace will both benefit you and the Group.


We use multiple channels for information and communication which we keep developing and enriching. Acknowledging the value of open and two-way communication, we use multiple channels for information and communication, which we keep developing and enriching.


Staff health, safety, and wellbeing is a primary priority and everyday concern. At the N. Daskalantonakis Group, safety comes first. We are certified with all applicable standards such as HACCP & ISO and also with global industry environmental and sustainability accreditations such as Travelife.
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