Ancient city of Kamiros
An excellent sample of an ancient city established in the Minoan times. In this area the Minoan prince Althamenis was the first to be settled, because from the top of the mountain Ataviros he could still see his beloved homeland Crete, when the weather was good. This amphitheatric location in the pine forest offers an impressive view to the sea. Here is to be seen the plan of a city in the ancient Greek times, with the typical ancient Rhode’s villa that was built to attract as much as sun in the winter and to offer the shade in the summer, the temples and the arcs with the shops, the drainage and the water supply network with the huge water tanks. Only a few meters in distance, the small modern port of Kamiros provides you with the fresh products of the sea that offers a gourmet experience before the journey goes on.

The castles of Kritinia and Monolithos
Excellent samples of the war architecture style of the period of the Knights, standing in high rocks, overlooking the rough western sea of Rhodes, glorious remains of the past.

The Archaeological Museum of Rhodes
The medieval hospital of the Knights in the old town of Rhodes is the modern archaeological museum with exhibits from the first signs of life on the island 2500 B.C with statues, decorated grave stones, vessels of all kind covering all the glorious times of the Rhode’s history in a perfectly preserved building of the period of the Knights.


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