Seit der Gründung der Nikos-Daskalantonakis-Gruppe im Jahr 1975 wurden über 1700 Auszeichnungen und Anerkennungen von Hotels, Eigentümern und Management für qualitativ hochwertige Dienstleistungen, Gästezufriedenheit, Gemeinschaftsaktionen und Umweltbewusstsein erhalten.

Einige der neuesten sind unten aufgeführt.

TUI Environment champions

2019: White Palace, Creta Palace, Caramel
2018: Amirandes, Caramel, Pella Beach, Kos Imperial Thalasso, Royal Park, White Palace, Creta Palace, Olympia Riviera & Aqua Park, Olympia Oasis, Eva Palace, Corfu Imperial
2017: Caramel, Olympia Riviera Thalasso
2016: Creta Palace, Corfu Imperial

TUV Austria Hellas

Grecotel is the first hotel collection certified for the provision of hotel services in accordance with ISO 10002: 2014 (No:20000180000398) Quality Management Guidelines for Customer Satisfaction and Complaint Management.

Fischer Award 2018

Amirandes, White Palace: One of the most popular in destination Crete

Tourism Awards 2018

Corfu Imperial: Gold – Best Exclusive Hotel In Greece, Grecotel: Gold – Personalised & Tailor-Made Experiences, Grecotel: Silver – In Fb, Gourmet Breakfast, Gold – Interweave: Digital Presence & Online Communications, Silver – Interweave: Social Media Strategy, Silver – Interweave: Content Marketing Strategy

Fodor's Athens Hotel Badge 2018

The best Hotels for families in Athens from Fodor's Travel.

Pallas Athena

Greek Hospitality Awards 2018

GOLD -Best Greek Hotel Breakfast: GRECOTEL S.A
GOLD- Best Greek Sustainable Hotel: GRECOTEL S.A.
GOLD-Best Greek Hotel Brand: GRECOTEL S.A.
GOLD-Best Greek Innovation Hotel: WHITE PALACE, LUX ME
SILVER-Best Greek Hotel Tailor Made Guest Experience: GRECOTEL S.A. 


Certificate of Excellence.
21 Grecotel Hotels Awarded to the top 10% of hotels worldwide
Amirandes, Caramel, Creta Palace, White Palace, Club Marine Palace, Meli Palace, Plaza Spa Apartments, Cape Sounio, Pallas Athena, Vouliagmeni Suites, Larissa Imperial, Corfu Imperial, Eva Palace, Daphnila Bay Thalasso, Mykonos Blu, Kos Imperial Thalasso, Royal Park, Rhodos Royal, Mandola Rosa, Olympia Oasis, Casa Marron, Pella Beach, Agreco restaurant

FNL-Best Restaurant Awards

Aristos Restaurant at Corfu Imperial is awarded as the best "European Cuisine".

Zoover Orange Award 2017

Club Marine Palace

Trivago Award "Best Chain Hotel in Greece"

Trivago Best Chain Hotel Awards, this year's top rated hotels in Greece.

Pallas Athena

Tui Family Champion

The TUI Family Champion award is reserved for the best family hotels.

2018: Club Marine Palace, Olympia Oasis, Daphnila Bay Dassia

TUI Holly Awards

Presented to Top 100 hotels worldwide
Amirandes, Caramel

TUI Top Quality Awards

Top 250 hotels worldwide based on the results of the guest surveys

2018: Amirandes, Caramel, Corfu Imperial, Eva Palace
2017: Amirandes, Club Marine Palace & Suites, Caramel, Corfu Imperial, Eva Palace, Kos Imperial Thalasso

Condé Nast Traveler 2018 Award

Mykonos Blu celebrates being among the best resorts in Greece, as is awarded with the Conde Nast Traveler 2018 READERS' CHOICE AWARDS for a second successive year!

Travelife-Gold award

Following independent audits against the Travelife sustainability criteria the following hotels achieved a Gold Travelife award:
Amirandes, Caramel, Creta Palace, Club Marine Palace, Corfu Imperial, Eva Palace, Kos Imperial Thalasso, Rhodos Royal, Olympia Riviera Thalasso, Olympia Oasis, Lakopetra Beach, Daphnila Bay Thalasso

Customer Excellence Award

2017: PALLAS ATHENA, Reevoo by British Airways
2018: AMIRANDES, Reevoo by British Airways

Greek Hospitality Awards 2017

Corfu Imperial Grecotel Exclusive Resort: Gold - Top Greek Hotel 2017
Grecotel Hotels & Resorts: Gold - Best Greek Hotel and Resort Brand
Grecotel Hotels & Resorts: Gold - Best Greek Dining Experience
Grecotel Hotels & Resorts: Gold - Best Greek Hotel Tailor-Made Guest Experience
White Palace: Gold - Best Greek All-Inclusive Resort
Olympia Riviera Thalasso: Silver - Best Greek Beach Resort

Tourism Awards 2017

Corfu Imperial: Gold - Best Exclusive Resort
Caramel Boutique Resort: Gold - Best Boutique Resort
Grecotel: Gold - Gastronomy Award for Excellence and Innovation in Food & Beverage
Grecotel: Gold - SEO for the Grecotel Mastering Top ranking in luxury
Club Marine Palace: Silver - All-Inclusive Resort

Creative Greece Awards 2017

by Active Business Publishing
Grecotel: The top award for business excellence this year for  the most outward-looking strategies and business practices in the Greek tourism sector

Best “Greek Cuisine” Award 2017

"Xasteria" Cretan restaurant in Amirandes Grecotel Exclusive Resort in Crete, was honoured amongst the top 34 restaurants in Greece. The creativity of Executive Chef Vaggelis Fronimakis presents fresh organic ingredients from Grecotel’s Agreco Farm in Crete. The inspired classic Cretan and Greek traditional cuisine with a modern creative look, place "Xasteria " as one of only four restaurants in Crete to win the coveted award.

Worldberry Awards 2017

by TEZ Tours
Amirandes, Best Luxury Holiday For Vip *5 Hotels Crete
Caramel, Highest Quality For Food & Beverages 5* Hotels Crete
Corfu Imperial, Highest Quality Of Food & Beverages 5* Hotels Corfu
Grecotel Hotels & Resorts, Best Aquapark Complex Grecotel Hotels & Resorts Peloponnese
Olympia Riviera Aqua Park, Best Thalasso/Spa Services 5* Hotels Peloponnese
Rhodos Royal All Inclusive Resort, Best Children Concept 4* Hotels Rhodes

Treasures of Greek Tourism 2017

Grecotel: One award for its contributions to tourism and the national economy as well as Greek tourism entrepreneurship as a whole

Packaging Innovation Gold Award 2017

AgrecoFarms is awarded pop line series, packaging of products launched in a new international market.

Xenia Gastronomy Summit 2017

Agreco Farm 

Worldberry Awards 2016

by TEZ Tours
Amirandes – Best Luxury Holiday for Families 5* Hotels Crete
Caramel – Best Boutique Hotel Crete
Club Marine Palace & Marine Palace Suites – Best Children Concept 4* Hotels Crete
Daphnila Bay Thalasso – Best Overall Customer Satisfaction 4* Hotels Corfu
Olympia Oasis – Best Overall Customer Satisfaction 4* Hotels Peloponnese
Olympia Riviera Thalasso – Best Romantic Getaways 5* Hotels Peloponnese
Pella Beach – Best Overall Customer Satisfaction 4*
Rhodos Royal – Best Overall Customer Satisfaction 4* Hotels Rhodes

Vanity Fair UK

Best Organic Restaurant

Agreco Farm Taverna

Holiday Check

Quality Selection 2017
Club Marine Palace & Suites, Kos Imperial Thalasso, Mandola Rosa, Olympia Oasis, Olympia Riviera Thalasso

Travelmyth Awards

Based on Travelmyth guest reviews
Amirandes - Top 3% of hotels with the best pools in the world
White Palace - Top 3 Hotels in Adelianos Kampos
Kos Imperial Thalasso - Top 3 Hotels in Kos Town
Club Marine Palace - Top 20 Hotels at Panormo, Crete
Club Marine Palace - Top 5 Seaside Hotels at Rethymno
Club Marine Palace - Top 20 4* Hotels at Rethymno
Plaza Spa Apartments - Top 20 4* Hotels in Rethymno Town
Eva Palace - Top 5 Hotels for Honeymoon in Corfu

Best Performer in Social Media

by Der Touristic
Meli palace

Bio Kouzina

Certified for predominantly organic products in food preparation

2017: Agreco Farm Taverna

Award of Excellence for 15 Grecotel Hotels
Caramel, Corfu Imperial, Amirandes, Mykonos Blu, Pallas Athena, Mandola Rosa, Eva Palace, Creta Palace, Cape Sounio, Kos Imperial Thalasso, Vouliagmeni Suites, Meli Palace, Larissa Imperial, Filoxenia, Olympia Riviera Thalasso

Best Restaurants 2016

by FnL
Kos Imperial Thalasso

Active Business Award

by Diamonds
FAIAX AETE: The most admired enterprises of the Greek economy 2016 – Active Business STAT BANK

Greek Hospitality Awards 2016

Nikos Daskalantonakis: Lifetime Award - Greek Hospitality Leader
Grecotel Hotels & Resorts: Gold - Best Hotel & Resort Brand
Amirandes: Gold - Top Hotel 2016
Club Marine Palace: Gold - Best Greek All-Inclusive
Olympia Riviera Resort: Gold - Best Family Resort
Caramel Boutique Resort: Gold - Best Boutique Resort
Cape Sounio: Gold - Best Hotel & Resort Dining Experience
Amirandes: Gold - Best Excellence in Service Hotel & Resort
Grecotel Privilege Club: Gold - Best Hotel & Resort Loyalty Programme
Grecotel/40 Years Campaign: Gold - Hotel & Resort Marketing Strategy
Grecotel: Silver - Best Sustainable Hotel & Resort
Grecotel: Silver - Best Hotel & Resort Website
Pallas Athena: Silver - Best Boutique Hotel
Creta Palace: Silver - Best Beach Resort

Tourism Gold Awards 2016

Club Marine Palace: Best Greek All-Inclusive
Caramel Boutique Resort: Best Boutique Resort
Cape Sounio: Best Hotel & Resort Dining Experience
Amirandes: Best Excellence in Service Hotel & Resort
Grecotel Privilege Club: Best Hotel & Resort Loyalty Programme

Tourism Silver Awards 2016

Amirandes: Hotel & Resort Restaurant
Pallas Athena: Best Boutique Hotel
Creta Palace: Best Beach Resort
Caramel: All Suite Hotel

Social Media Awards 2016

Platinum: Best Use of Social for a Brand, across all industries
Gold: Best Use of Social for a brand – Category: Travel
Silver: Best Use of Social for a brand – Category: Travel

Zoover Silver Award

Based on Zoover guest reviews

Amirandes Grecotel Exclusive Resort
White Palace Grecotel Luxury Resort

Tourism Awards 2015

3 Silver Awards

Cape Sounio: "Gastronomy Days"
Grecotel & Globe One: ‘’Cpc Campaign’’
Grecotel & M-Hospitality: “Mobile App”

The most popular Russian review site
Certificate of Quality 2015
Grecotel Creta Palace, Grecotel Royal Park, Grecotel Club Marine Palace, Amirandes Grecotel Exclusive Resort, Grecotel Plaza Spa Apartments, Mandola Rosa Grecotel Exclusive Resort, Grecotel Olympia Riviera Thalasso, Grecotel Meli Palace, Grecotel White Palace, Grecotel Pella Beach, Grecotel Kos Imperial Thalasso

Blue Flags

15 Blue Flags to Grecotel properties in 2015

Over 240 Blue Flags since 1992, have been awarded to the beaches at the Grecotel Resorts

The Green Key®

Worldwide eco‐label awarded to leisure organisations

2015: Grecotel Olympia Riviera Resort
2014: Creta Palace 

Finat International Label

Competition 2014 ‐ Highly Commended
Grecotel Creative Team 
Agreco Farms products packaging design

Greek Breakfast

as awarded by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels to 427 hotels in Greece 

Amirandes, Caramel, Corfu Imperial, Creta Palace, Eva Palace, Kos Imperial Thalasso, Olympia Riviera Thalasso, White Palace

e-Volution Awards


CPC Campaign
Recognising best practice in e-commerce

TÜV Austria Hellas

Agreco Farms have been awarded with ISO 22000:05 certification which guarantees the excellent quality of farm products, the production processes and standards whilst maintaining the spirit of Cretan tradition and hospitality.
Preparation and Provision of Meals within the hotel: Grecotel Kos Imperial Thalasso, Meli Palace

TÜV Austria Hellas

HACCP CODEX ALIMENTARUS for Food Safety Management Systems within the hotel establishments: Caramel, Club Marine Palace, Daphnila Bay Thalasso, Lakopetra Beach,  Amirandes, Mykonos Blu, White Palace, Olympia Riviera Resort (4 Hotels), Royal Park, Rhodos Royal, Filoxenia, Eva Palace

We do local

Business certification for supporting local production, economy and human resources. Promoting their uniqueness and responsibility of hospitality, offering services which promote the local culture and gastronomy and respecting  the environment and the sustainability of their homeland.
Grecotel White Palace

Expedia Awards

Best Hotel in Room Night’s YOY Growth 2015
Grecotel Cape Sounio

Tourism Awards 2014

Creta Palace "Excellence in Food" for “Strategically integrating the Cretan diet and traditional Cretan food into its dining facilities".

Tourism Awards 2014

Agreco restaurant "innovative restaurant concept"

As a "Unique Greek Example of Cretan Hospitality".

Grecotel S.A.

Hellenic Ministry of Health & Social Welfare
Special Award for Voluntary Contributions to National Blood Bank

Top 100 Hotels Worldwide

Awarded by rtk Travel Professionals
Club Marine Palace

Top 3 Hotel Chains Worldwide

Voted by leading Swiss Travel Professionals
Grecotel Hotels & Resorts

Zoover Highly Recommended

Based on Zoover guest reviews

Creta Palace, Kos Imperial Thalasso, Royal Park

Best Hotel Awards 2014

Greek forum 2014 as voted by russian travel agents & tour operators

Corfu Imperial: Best 5* hotel on Corfu
Amirandes: Best hotel for relaxing holiday without children 
Amirandes: Best 5* hotel on Crete

Jeunes Restaurateurs

Selected by Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe

Gold Award 2014 – TUI UK & Ireland

Presented to Top 100 hotels worldwide

White Palace, Kos Imperial Thalasso, Daphnila Bay Thalasso, Club Marine Palace, Lakopetra Beach, Pella Beach, Rhodos Royal, Larissa Imperial, Meli Palace, Astir*Egnatia Alexandroupolis, Agreco Farms

Travelife-Silver award

Following independent audits against the Travelife sustainability criteria the following hotels achieved a Silver Travelife award:
Olympia Oasis, Olympia Riviera Thalasso, Pella Beach

TUI Eco-Resort

The 2014 TUI ECO-RESORT eco-label for quality tourism product respecting local natural and social values has been awarded to:

White Palace, Club Marine Palace, Creta Palace, Kos Imperial Thalasso

2013 Fodor's choice

Cape Sounio, Grecotel Exclusive Resort
Mandola Rosa, Grecotel Exclusive Resort
Corfu Imperial, Grecotel Exclusive Resort

Biblio Globus Tour Operator

2013 Awards for Excellence

Kos Imperial Thalasso: Gold ‐ Spa Hotels 2013
Corfu Imperial: Gold ‐ Youth Holiday 2013
Eva Palace: Gold ‐ Best Partner 2013
Daphnila Bay: Gold ‐ Family Holiday 2013
Club Marine Palace: Gold ‐ Family Holiday 2013

Condé Nast Traveller Greece

Readers Awards 2011 based on actual readers votes & popularity
Best Hotels in region: Corfu Imperial, Eva Palace, Olympia Riviera Thalasso, Filoxenia, Larissa Imperial, Mykonos Blu, Rhodos Royal, Amirandes, Creta Palace
Best Holiday Hotel: Olympia Riviera Thalasso
Best Resorts: Amirandes, Olympia Riviera Thalasso, Cape Sounio
Best Beach Hotels: Cape Sounio, Olympia Riviera Thalasso, Filoxenia Hotel, Olympia Riviera Thalasso, Corfu Imperial, Lakopetra Beach
Best Spa Hotels: Olympia Riviera Thalasso, Cape Sounio
Best Hotel Villas: Mandola Rosa Suites & Villas
Best Business Hotels: Larissa Imperial

Condé Nast Traveller Greece

Readers Awards 2010 based on actual readers votes & popularity
Best Resort Hotels in region: Eva Palace, Corfu Imperial, Larissa Imperial
Best Family Resort Hotel: Lakopetra Beach
Best Spa Hotel and Family Resort Hotel: Olympia Riviera Thalasso

Condé Nast Traveller Greece

Readers Awards 2009
Best Resort Hotel in Greece: Amirandes Grecotel Exclusive Resort 

Condé Nast Traveller Greece

Readers Awards
26 Awards for the Grecotel Hotels & Resorts

Hotel World

Best Guestroom Design - Luxury

Hellenic Chamber of Hotels

Special Award to Grecotel

“The most wide ranging, contemporary resorts in the Greek tourism sector”

Condé Nast Traveler (USA)

Best New Hotels worldwide

Five Star Diamond

Nikos Daskalantonakis became the first Greek to be awarded with the “Lifetime Achievement Award”.

2005 Hotel Awards to Mykonos Blu, Cape Sounio

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