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Kos town is the capital of the island. It combines historic monuments with a modern planning of broad streets bordered with trees, big squares, and houses with gardens. Throughout the town you will find an abundance of trees, bushes and flowers: fir, pine tree, cypress, eucalyptus, oak, jasmine, lilac, acacia and hibiscus.


Take a stroll on the rock paved streets of the old town where you will find numerous tourist shops or maybe lie on the sandy beaches under the sun. When it gets dark, there is a rich variety of restaurants and taverns with Greek and international cuisine. At night there are a number of places to go to, depending how quiet or ... wild you want to spend you night: Greek bouzouki, dance bars, discos. The villages of Kos are accessed through the main road of the island. The nearer ones can be reached by bicycle while the farther ones by motorcycle or car.


The castle of the Knights of St John - The Plane tree of Hippocrates

The castle of the Knights of St John, built in the 15th century, stands like a great dam in front of the harbour with only a narrow passageway to the north for small vessels. South of the castle, a bridge, crossing over the beautiful Avenue of Palms, links the castle with the square where the plane tree of Hippocrates stands. Tradition says, that was planted by Hippocrates himself and that he taught medicine in its shade.