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Lolita is in the intact part of Mykonos. It evokes a liberating spirit and an unparalleled magnetic energy. Mykonos is an exuberant, prized island, famous for its striking landscapes, the traditional whitewashed architecture, windmills, picturesque churches and sublime crystal beaches. A one-of-a-kind jet-setting destination, Mykonos defines cosmopolitan entertainment, beach clubbing and gorgeous scenery. Mykonos is a muse and icon, a mythical island from the ancient years till today. Agios Sostis is the island’s hidden gem. Lolita is a soulful treasure: open-minded and warm-hearted. Luxurious accommodation, a wild private beach, an untouched natural environment, the soothing symbiosis of the Mykonian heritage and the authentic beauty.
As it once was. As it will always be at Lolita.

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