Weddings held at the Kos Imperial hotel are truly unmatched! Whether you envision an elegant soirée, a whimsical village festivity, a classic Greek nuptial tradition or even a dreamy beachfront affair, each wedding is an entirely one-of-a-kind experience. The enchanting allure of Kos Island perfectly enhances a dream wedding, offering a variety of mesmerizing coastal locations for your special day.


At Kos Imperial, we craft unique ceremonies that breathe life into your eternal love story or rekindle your promises as a couple, all beneath the embracing turquoise seas and the endless azure skies of Kos enchanting canvas.


Dive into the embrace of romance! With our unrivaled Greece honeymoon packages, Grecotel guarantees unforgettable moments from the instant you arrive as newlyweds to the moment you set off on your shared life adventure.

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