We are proud to have successfully operated our Hotels & Resorts and hosted our guests with absolute safety throughout the pandemic. We dedicate this achievement to our employees and our beloved guests who entrusted us with their holidays. We have been and will continue working systematically behind the scenes to prepare the 2022 opening of our hotels & resorts looking forward to welcoming back our beloved guests in absolute safety. We are constantly updating the "Grecotel Stay Safe Protocol", according to National Public Health Organization and World Health Organization protocols and hygiene directives, implementing health and safety education along with training programs for our employees.

Our strong partnerships, constantly by our side, monitor, inspect and certify our practices in terms of quality, hygiene & safety, giving us the confidence to continue to provide genuine hospitality. We keep monitoring the situation changes and, in a commitment to offer you holidays with absolute safety and cherished freedom, we will keep enhancing our offerings and adapting to the guidelines given. The wide variety of Grecotel products with LUX.ME and All-Inclusive options as well as Luxury and Boutique hotels, guarantees the best choice for families and couples, offering upgraded Dining Experiences and a Worry-Free stay.

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  It’s all about generosity of space
Being in strict compliance with the National Health & Safety protocols, within our resorts, social distancing is facilitated by making sound use of the unique design with fresh air circulation and open-air settings, making the most of our generous outdoor spaces, gardens and patios. During winter period, natural ventilation is ensured in our all-year-round hotels by constantly letting fresh air in our indoor spaces.
  Gastronomy. Food is Love
Since this is perhaps one of the most famous features of our product, the soul of Grecotel, highly valued and appreciated by our guests, carefully thought-out adaptions to our food service styles are made. We thoroughly follow the Health and Safety guidelines in all food and services areas in order to ensure your safe gastronomic experience. Enjoy memorable food, primarily al fresco due to the open-air setting and the generous spaces of our restaurants. Food is offered in rich buffets and open-air live grill stations, tailor-made to each resort. During winter season, restaurants and bars of our all-year-round hotels are adapted in accordance with government guidelines, with indoor spaces constantly open for air circulation and outdoor areas use as well, offering you a safe environment. Digital menus will be available through the Grecotel App, the Guest Portal or QR code.
  We embrace natural environment more than ever
The generous areas of Grecotel properties allow for greater distances between sunbeds, umbrellas and gazebos offering you the sense of freedom and privacy that you need. With primary focus on the beautiful outdoors, we are adapting our wellness and fitness routines, we embrace outdoor sports, sea activities and watersports (where available), making the most of the natural environment. Follow us on a journey of physical, mental and emotional well-being.
  Reconnect with your beloved ones
At Grecotel we cherish family, from grandparents to newborns. It’s not a secret that our resorts are the ideal family-friendly holiday venues. Aqua Parks, kids’ activities, Grecolands and Tasty Corner will be operating (where available), with programs and operation adjusted according to the government’s guidelines. Children’s safety is our number one priority.
  Contactless experience
In an effort to make your stay as safe as possible we offer you an enhanced and more contactless experience at every stage of your journey. We encourage you to discuss any personal preferences as well as to fill out the formalities online, before arriving to the destination. Contactless check- in/out and payment options as well as digital menus are also available. You can always use our Guest Portal or the Grecotel App during your stay for full access to all Hotel services and facilities information. Let’s stay connected in a safe way!
  Travelling home worry free!
At Grecotel, we are taking care of every detail of your journey. With the current travel restrictions in place, requesting a negative Covid-19 test result, we offer you approved onsite PCR or rapid tests*, in an effort to make your experience as worry free as possible. Having a cooperation with dedicated medical centers across Greece, you may be tested and receive your results without leaving the Grecotel Resort. Tests can be easily scheduled through our Guest Portal or Grecotel App or by contacting our guest services team.
  *cost applies & varies depending on the destination.
Rapid test prices range from 08€ to 40€
PCR test prices range from 35€ to 95€


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Disclaimer: At Grecotel, we are continuously monitoring the development of the COVID-19 pandemic. The well-being, health and safety of our employees and guests remains our highest priority. We fully comply with the government's guidelines and have put in place precautionary measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19, however, we cannot guarantee that our guests will not be exposed to the virus. Guests are requested to take self-protective measures and follow the relevant Hotel-rules to minimize any possibilities of virus' exposure. By visiting Grecotel Hotels & Resorts, or attending any of its activities, guests acknowledge the contagious nature of the virus and the risk of being exposed or infected by COVID-19. Grecotel does not accept any liability and guests agree not to raise against Grecotel any claims of any kind arising out of, or relating thereto.

Hotel Operations Policies: Being in compliance with the World Health Organization, government's health & safety guidelines and leading global experts, some experiences, services and offerings may be adjusted, operate at limited capacity, or be terminated at the Resort’s absolute discretion for the well-being and protection of our guests and employees. In such case, no claims or requests for discounts will be admissible.


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