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Agreco Farm

Delving deep into Cretan tradition, Agreco, a fairytale traditional farm, has revived centuries-old organic farming practices in a unique expression of Greek ‘philoxenia’, or hospitality. This privately owned 40,000-sq estate is an innovative display of environmentally friendly methods for traditional and modern cultivation and breeding.


Shaped by hand, every stone at Agreco preserves the delicate balance between man and nature. The farm and its buildings stand in perfect harmony with the landscape.

The estate, a replica of 17th century lodge, features a traditional olive press, a flour water mill, a wine press and a giant vat for grape crushing. The complex includes a church, a village square and store. The farm highlight is the mini-zoo!




- Well-known artist, Alexandros Androulakis, will continue to show his work and create new pieces at the inspirational Agreco Farm.

Guests can experience traditional Cretan life by participating in farm activities, from baking bread and making cheese to pressing grapes or olives and crushing wheat at the antique stone flour mill. Farm tours offered on weekday evenings, guide guests around the estate.


Everything grown on the farm ends up in the kitchen, where Agreco’s chef prepares the traditional Cretan dishes featured on the Taverna menu. A large olive tree and vines wrapped around the wooden beams of the pergola shade the stone-laid terrace with the magnificent view of the Cretan coast.



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Adelianos Kampos, Adele Village
GR 74 100 Rethymno, Crete, Greece
Tel.: +30 28310 54014, +30 28310 20750
Fax: +30 28310 72129, +30 28310 20752

For bookings in Agreco restaurant: +30 28310 27050
E-mail: info@agreco.gr

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