We are committed to:
  • Continuous improvement in our Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy;
  • Encouraging our business partners to reach company's standards;
  • Implementing in accordance with CSR strategy;
  • Meeting all relevant legislation.


Our policy is to conduct our business in a manner which ensures:
  • fair treatment of all employees and clients
  • transparency of our business policies and practices
  • high standards in all matters relating to health and safety in the working environment
  • ethical business practices throughout our operations


  • We support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights;
  • Vendors are actively encouraged to observe international human rights norms within their work.


  • We effectively support the needs of the local community and implement initiatives accordingly;
  • Our impact on the local and wider community is understood and nurtured;
  • Dialogue with local communities is encouraged for mutual benefit.


Grecotel is committed to providing equal opportunities to all employees and job applicants. It aims to ensure that no job applicant shall receive less favorable treatment on the grounds of sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, race, color, religion or belief, nationality, ethnic or national origin. Furthermore, there is no discrimination relating to employees and job applicants with special needs such as disability or part time or fixed term status unless this can be justified. Grecotel will also take all reasonably practical steps to ensure the smooth integration of disabled employees in the work team.

All employees are responsible for complying with this policy and for ensuring that the standards of behavior required by the company are observed by:
  • Treating others on their merits and disassociating themselves from any form of direct or indirect discrimination, victimization or harassment.
  • Bringing to the attention of their Department Manager any suspected working practice in breach of this policy. And
  • Working together to promote a harmonious working environment free from discrimination, harassment and bullying.

Grecotel regards direct or indirect discrimination, victimization and harassment as a serious matter. Employees who fail to comply with this policy will be subject to the Company’s disciplinary procedure. All breaches of this policy will be regarded as serious disciplinary matters and will, if there has been victimization, intentional discrimination or deliberate harassment be regarded as potential gross misconduct leading to summary dismissal.

Grecotel recognizes that misunderstandings can arise where people of a different sex, interests and cultures work together. Any employee who believes that he or she is being treated in a way that is contrary to this policy should raise the issue with their Department Manager. If an employee feels that it is inappropriate to approach their Department Manager he or she may contact the Human Resources Department.

The Human Resources Department, carries out a periodic review of Grecotel's equal opportunity policy and monitors the effects and the application of this policy across the company.


The main concern of Grecotel all these decades is the uninterrupted support of the Company for the professional and personal development of all employees, but also to make them contributors to the overall vision of Grecotel. Indicative benefits of Grecotel for its staff are the blood bank, continuous performance management through training and development programs, trips abroad, residence for staff, bonus program, special rates when staying in company's hotels and providing loans.


Grecotel is committed to:
  • promote Human Rights, and in particular children's rights by training staff and providing information to clients;
  • reject, eradicate and condemn any form of exploitation of human beings, especially of a sexual nature, particularly when this affects minors.

The Company does not utilize or promote forced or child labor of any kind.

We adhere strictly to country laws governing labor standards.


All Grecotel Hotels & Resorts are obligated to prepare meals which are complying with special specifications and requirements, for the complete and successive satisfaction of the guests. These meals are always controlled for their quality and safety before they are disposed to the guests.

Throughout the good cooperation of the involved sides (management, staff, cooperators and suppliers), the business guarantees the successful consummation of her work. The business commits to communicate with the food chain for food safety issues. The food safety, the quality and the dedication lead the business into long term benefits, which are most important than the short ones. For the gratification of the above, the business has established and performs HAACP certificate which includes all the processes of the business which affect the food safety. HAACP is monitored, maintained and improved throughout audits, evaluations and reviews. It is designed so as to pay attention to the prevention, but without underestimate corrective action mechanisms. The goal is achieved through modern expertise, compliance with the European and National legislation, compliance with the market conditions and competition, with the employment of trained staff, with assistant function and essential funding (moral and material means) and with constant awareness and information into Food Safety issues. The specific goals of Food Safety into the business function are introduced and reviewed through Management reviews.


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