GRECOTEL since 1991, pioneers with its approach towards environmental issues, by being the first hotel chain in the Mediteranean to create a dedicated Department for the protection of the environment and promotion of Greek culture. It is a result of the vision and values of its founder and CEO, Mr Daskalantonakis, who believes that “Culture and Tourism should go hand in hand as they are closely interlinked”.

GRECOTEL is actively contributing to the protection of Greek ecosystems, as we have realized that our success is largely determined by our ability to function and expand in a sustainable manner. Being Greece's largest hotel group and a trendsetter in the Mediterranean region, we believe that we have a vital duty to protect our communities and the environment so that our hotels and resorts, located in a wide range of destinations, remain vibrant and resilient for future generations of conscious visitors.


Our vision is to offer an authentic experience to our visitors and to highlight the local character of the destinations where we operate. Through the promotion of a sustainable development model, we aim at further developing our guests’ experiences, and enchancing the position of Greece on the global tourism map.


Our mission is to provide luxurious and cordial hospitality to our guests through our hotels, located in the most beautiful destinations of Greece. The high level of personalized services and the unique experience of accommodation offered, in combination with the promotion of culture and locality, are the fundamental principles that characterize the hospitality we provide. Our commitment lies with the efficient operation of our hotels, strengthening of local communities, protection of their natural resources, species and ecosystems, as well as equal opportunities,   continuous education and training for all our employees.



GRECOTEL is developing, in all its hotels, environmental programs based on the fundamental commitments made regarding its sustainable development for 2030, to minimize its environmental footprint. By implementing certified sustainability programs such as "Green Key" and "Travelife" we aim to provide high quality services while respecting both the environment and the local communities.



The unmatched quality of GRECOTEL services and the human-centered holiday experiences it offers, have been honored with over 2,000 awards and distinctions from clients, travel agencies, tour operators and international associations. GRECOTEL has received a series of awards regarding the high quality of its services, its contribution in upgrading the greek tourism product, its initiatives for the preservation of the cultural heritage of Greece, the protection of the environment, the support of vulnerable groups as well as the prosperity of society as a whole. Amongst  them, there are a few which stand out, such as the Green Key, Travelife, Blue Flag and many others.
Grecotel is also a member of the United Nations Global Compact Network Greece; a voluntary initiative based on CEO commitments to implement universal sustainability principles and to take steps to support UN goals.


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