At Grecotel we recognize that our people are the foundation of our success so we are committed to helping you develop your personal and professional skills in order to achieve your goals. Your life-long development is at the heart of our corporate culture, which is why we provide an environment where you are encouraged to build your career and pursue your passions. We know we will only grow as a company if we grow our most important asset, our employees.

We believe career development is a partnership between you and your manager.  Your manager will help you identify potential opportunities and skills you need to be effective in your role. We consider it our responsibility to empower and encourage you to strengthen your knowledge, skills, and abilities by:
  • managing your career to pursue personal goals
  • seeking feedback on your performance
  • creating and implementing individual development plans

We want our people to be the best in the market. This is translated to knowledge, skills, proper environment, motivation, and leadership. Thus, we invest in constant development of our people through modern performance management systems, design of career paths and identification, and development of the Group’s high potential. We provide staff with the right resources—including a broad range of activities, experiences and roles—that promote learning and growth opportunities. 

We constantly seek new ways to leverage our employees’ skills, such as:


To help you start your career at Grecotel, you will attend an introductory training program that takes place over a period of a few weeks in order to familiarize yourself with our work environment. Our integration programs provide new hires with resources and events to help them better understand our corporate culture, people, and businesses.


At Grecotel we recognize that building competence and confidence in our employees enables us to sustain our competitive advantage in service excellence. Thus, we are committed to your career-long learning, offering you the opportunity to develop new ways of thinking and enhance your communication, cooperation, and problem-solving skills. Grecotel invests substantially in implementing training programs to continuously keep staff abreast of fast-moving developments in your field and our industry. In 2016, 80 per cent of our employees participated in training programs, with more than 4,000 training hours.

Each learning activity aims at impacting the guest experience and supporting our corporate culture. We encourage you to continually develop your career through skills training associated with your role, and operational and department-specific training provided through field experts based on Grecotel’s operational standards and industry best practices.

We encourage staff to match training needs with personal aspirations in order to help us design and implement the most suitable training programs, either external or in-house. External programs take place in cooperation with top training providers who follow international quality standards and have trainers with vast experience who constantly adapt their material to new developments. In-house programs leverage the superior skills and long professional experience of our executives, who are always eager to share their knowledge.

We implement policies that foster continuous training and employees’ participation in seminars and conferences, in and outside Greece. We support staff in postgraduate programs and ensure access to various training and educational materials such as self-study guides, books, magazines, articles, videos, collaboration tools, and memberships in professional associations. We are constantly developing new initiatives, in both in-person and virtual learning, such as web-based e-learning, virtual classroom, simulations, podcasts, and more.


More than half of your learning and development will be acquired through experiences in your everyday work. New skills and knowledge are acquired through projects and tasks that you will implement. The more demanding you are, the more skills you will acquire. We encourage you and support you to constantly seek opportunities to learn on the job because that is the only way to absorb news skills and knowledge. This can lead to new responsibilities or internal transfers to a different function or business unit.


At Grecotel we cultivate a results-oriented culture. We believe that systematic assessment ensures equity, transparency, and meritocracy. All employees obtain annual evaluations of skills and competencies based on specific and structured criteria. Evaluations involve a self-evaluation process, supervisor’s assessment, and peer assessment. Performance conversations allow you and your counselor to evaluate your performance by bringing together and considering multiple views.

Our evaluation system is designed to help identify priority areas of development and tangible learning objectives since it is directly linked with the design of training programs, rewards, and development for each employee. The evaluation result will be used as a basis for a Personal Development Plan. This includes all your development needs and the actions that will help you meet them, whether through training, work assignments, projects, or mentoring. This plan is reviewed during the year to make sure goals are being met.


You are encouraged to gain experience in various locations and disciplines in order to fully understand the hospitality business and continue expanding your career options. We strive to fulfill our human resources needs first from within, with targeted promotions and transfers, offering our employees the opportunities and skills to evolve within Grecotel.


Grecotel has long recognized the need to promote people from within. Thus, we support company leaders in their key task of creating an environment in which people can excel. In addition to wide-ranging managerial and leadership support, we also offer internal and external training programs aimed at developing leaders’ professional skills, and educate on what it means to be a leader at Grecotel.

In addition, we work continuously to identify and develop our pipeline of internal candidates for the company’s top positions. As part of our succession planning, we continually review and recommend for promotion employees who show exceptional leadership qualities and strong performance.


You will have peers, managers, and outside experts helping you grow and plan your career, offering guidance and professional development, informal mentorships, and formal feedback reviews. Systematic, open and honest discussions with your manager regarding performance and development are fundamental for managing your career in Grecotel. Supervisors are focused on your expectations, competences, and experience as well as your needs for development. You will also receive professional and personal guidance from senior executives with long experience and high reputation in the Group. You are also encouraged to offer your insights, experience, and help to those around you. Our goal is to strengthen the Group’s value system and enhance the culture of continuity, support, open communication, and growth.
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