Corporate Offices are located in Athens and Rethymno. Through various departments and over 100 employees, the Corporate Offices provide strategic direction for the Group and support hotel operations.


Sales Offices sell our complete portfolio of hotels to new and existing customers, from tour operators and travel agents to corporate clients. Sales Office are located in Athens, Rethymno, Moscow, Kiev, and Brussels. Driving profitable growth by connecting with customers and understanding their needs is the key. Our people are creatively involved in the whole sales network across all distribution channels and give solutions to everyday challenges. They also participate in cross-department project teams aimed at improving performance. They convey important customer feedback to marketing teams to ensure our services are always improving. Sales professionals attain a level of product knowledge that makes them highly valued partners to their customers.That is why we look for talented professionals who have the right personality and experience and are passionate about building trusting relationships and customer satisfaction.


The team’s objective is to optimize hotel revenue of the Group by developing and implementing pricing and inventory management strategies across all sales channels. The team is also responsible for producing sales forecasts, market analysis, and numerous sales reports and statistics. They also develop and monitor all sales systems, such as reservations, yielding, and reporting.


This team is responsible for promoting Grecotel as the leading Greek luxury hotel provider, through marketing campaigns and communications, branding, public relations, web and direct marketing, in partnership with hotel teams. Our Marketing team helps our business increase revenues by ensuring that we make the most of marketplace opportunities, our brand strength, and our customer insight. The team works in areas including advertising, managing websites and other digital channels, sponsorships and events, market research and customer insight, and product image. We take our brand very seriously, and this makes Grecotel an exciting place for marketing professionals to play a critical role in developing and maintaining our reputation and getting our message out. The group is continuously marketing new services and products and frequently renovates its brands. This is why the Marketing team needs to be extremely dynamic and creative and embrace new ideas. Within a challenging, fast-moving and creative environment, the team provides everyday solutions and supports the Group’s strategy by developing and implementing demanding marketing plans.


This team is behind the design and construction of all our new hotels and major renovations for existing ones. They work with the hotels to ensure compliance with group standards and review acquisition opportunities and engineering standards for all properties.


The Finance team plays a vital role in ensuring financial stability and that we manage costs and deploy capital in the most effective way. Their aim is to promote the Group’s strategy and growth while complying with standards and protecting group assets. Our professionals are in direct contact with the business units and help teams across all disciplines manage and optimize their resources as well as enable product and process innovation and organizational growth. They frequently serve as expert consultants and have opportunities to build lasting relationships with top management. Finance professionals work in financial planning and analysis, cash flow, treasury, and internal audit teams. They are involved in strategic planning, analysis, and monitoring of all financial aspects from product development to investment decisions. They provide financial insight, accuracy, and control using analytical, presentation and problem-solving skills to support our businesses and influence business decisions.

The Accounting team is responsible for organizing and monitoring all accounting operations and the proper depiction of all group transactions, in close cooperation with the hotel accounting teams. In accordance with the Accounting Principles and with the support of state of the art information systems, the team is responsible for producing financial statements and the timely and accurate submission of all tax declarations. Our professionals cover all aspects of procurement from pay and order to cash cycles, with accuracy and consistency.


We want our services to our customers to be the best, and recognize that this is based on the quality of our people. So we need HR people who share our passion and help ensure that talented people want to join and stay with us. The HR team’s mission is to attract, identify, select, develop, and reward the finest talents. HR facilitates recruitment and selection, talent management, succession planning, and employee mobility while defining and overseeing frameworks that support employee performance management, compensation, and benefits, learning and development, and engagement. Their work also contributes to innovative organizational design, change in management initiatives, a strong corporate culture, and internal communication. They work across the Group and provide expert advice on the labor market and help managers identify core knowledge, skills, and abilities required to support the Group’s competitive advantage. At the same time, they constantly act as friends, partners, trainers, and consultants for every employee.

HR is at the forefront of change within the group, so we need people who want to help drive that change. Our professionals need to be up-to-date with fast-changing employment practices and in touch with people's aspirations in areas such as career development, diversity and inclusiveness, and work/life balance. Our work is fast-paced and requires individuals who understand people, process, technology, and operations, are proactive and have enthusiasm, creativity, intellectual curiosity, and strong business acumen. If they can help make Grecotel a place where they can flourish, their career could flourish too.


To help us maintain our leading position, we invest in the latest technology so we need the best IT professionals. IT is part of everything we do. The challenge facing the tourism industry in the coming decades is considerable. To respond, we have to keep innovating at high speed and deliver high-quality and cost-effective solutions. We also provide competitive IT solutions that add value to our customers. The team’s main mission is to design and build the group’s IT systems and solutions which will ensure performance and continuity of our business, as well as streamline operational excellence and efficiency by introducing new innovative technologies. The team works as a business partner for all business units and divisions, supporting the daily operation of business processes and services, ensuring automation, speed, and customer orientation.

Our IT people are innovation facilitators; they are passionate about technology and have exceptional project management skills. The roles range from project management and implementation to technical advice, system architecture and infrastructure, and support in coping with the digital revolution. They play a critical role in enabling product and process innovation, business analytics, and organizational collaboration. This is why it is important to have commercial acumen as well as technology skills and the ability to spot and implement solutions to practical problems. The IT staff work alongside some of the leading names in the industry, such as Microsoft and SAP, on projects that lead the way in terms of innovation and technology, and face daily challenges beyond basic IT functions.


Procurement team provides centralized procurement services to Grecotel Hotels. This is a critical and strategic function that directly affects the product and services offered by our hotels, and thus the Group’s competitiveness and performance. The Procurement team provides all operational supplies to existing properties and support hotel openings and renovations. The team works to ensure smooth supply of all necessary material, equipment, and consumables, which range from food, beverages, and detergents to furniture, room amenities, and kitchen equipment. Working with hotels, suppliers, and other Group divisions, the team protects brand standards while managing an efficient supply chain. Procurement roles are very demanding and challenging and require great negotiation skills and market acumen.


Our Legal team provides consultancy to protect the Group’s business and assets in accordance with laws and regulations. Our team plays an important role in protecting the Group’s reputation and safeguarding the organization by providing comprehensive and robust advice on legal issues and risks. The team is involved in company litigation and negotiates corporate transactions across various disciplines of corporate and commercial law. Our lawyers provide advisory and support services to our senior management and to all our hotels and functions. At the corporate level, they provide advice on a range of issues, including contracting, mergers and acquisitions, and intellectual property. At the hotel and functional level, they guide our business teams in areas like labor, marketing, regulatory affairs, and health and safety. They possess the strong influencing and negotiation skills required to work with internal and external stakeholders.


The Operations team establishes, implements, and monitors all operating standards, policies, and procedures for all Grecotel properties, from Food & Beverage to entertainment and reservations. The team also monitors performance of the hotels and supports their operation in all aspects. The Operations team also continuously evaluates global trends and industry practices, and ensures effective communication among functions.


Secretaries and administrators are considered vital members of our support services. They possess great organizational and communication skills, and assist team success by facilitating effective interactions, providing access to resources and people, and aligning team goals and schedules. They find various opportunities to network and develop their skills to advance into expanded roles within Grecotel.
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