The Grecotel Model Academy is available at selected Grecotel Hotels & Resorts during school holidays. Kindly contact the Model Academy at [email protected] for more information about dates & hotels.

Please complete this form to register your child (children) for the Model Academy activity (10-16 years).

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May the Academy take photos of your child/children to be used for their personal portfolio & Grecotel Model Academy professional use?
Do you allow your child to use hypo-allergenic cosmetics & accessories?
Please inform us of any medical conditions and / or allergies that we should know in order to make your child’s participation safe:
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In consideration of my child being given the opportunity to participate in the Model Academy activities I hereby agree as follows:
- I understand that the activities are done under supervision but still my child will be under my sole responsibility.
- I confirm that my child has no existing medical condition that could affect or be affected by my child's participation in the Programme. I understand that Hotel is not responsible for administering any medication required by my child during my child's participation in the Programme.
- In the event of misconduct or misbehaviour, I authorize the programme supervisors to take all necessary steps to restrain such misconduct or misbehaviour, including removing him/her from participating in the activities.
- In case of emergency, the Hotel is authorized to seek medical attention for my child, and I accept full financial responsibility for the costs of such treatment.

Please note that places at the Model Academy may be limited due to the personalised nature of the activities.
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