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Larissa is the capital of the Thessaly Prefecture in central Greece. It is a major railroad hub, connecting Volos, Thessaloniki and Athens. Mostly known for agriculture (fruit, wheat, vegetables and tobacco), manufacturing, communications and a major army base. It is also the seat of the University of Thessaly’s Medical School and hosts one of the largest technical colleges in Greece.


According to archaeological evidence the city and its area has been inhabited since the tenth millennium BC. Legend says that Achilles was born here and Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, died here. The area is home to ancient Roman and Greek theatres, a selection of fine museums and within easy driving distance from the greatest monastery in Thessaly, the Holy Monastery of Olympiotissa. Mount Olympus, the home of the ancient Greek gods, is also in the vicinity.



"From the entire world, the best land is the Thessalian land…” Many things may have changed from the time when the Oracle of Delphi uttered this divination, however, the land of Centaurs and home of Asktepius still fascinates visitors with its extraordinary beauty. Thessaly outstandingly combines lush flora and wonderful beaches, while offering versatile alternative tourism. Moreover the Thessalian Mountains fulfil every expectation; they offer ideal locations for extreme sports aficionados but one can also enjoy an invigorating walk through apple orchards, maple trees and firs.


Traditional villages spread across green forests gazing at the Aegean Sea.  This is Pellion one of the very few areas where snowy mountain tops are only a breath away from sandy beaches. Olympus, Greece's highest mountain,is the home of the ancient Greek gods and today is inhabited by rare bird and mammal species. Visit the villages of Thessaly  to see preserved settlements. ThePinios River, which crosses the stunning valley of Tembi, ishost the flocks of pink flamingos. The landmark of the Trikala district is the colossal rock of Meteora, a natural monument, imposingly standing there for millions of years. It is there, where the earth virtually touches the sky and the view from the hospitable monasteries speaks directly to visitors' hearts.

Larissa in Thessaly Region