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The Asclepion

The most heavily visited and the most important monument on the island is the world famous Asklepeion. About 3 km from the town, a turning to our left allows us to visit this unique place. The site of the sanctuary is very beautiful, and there is a wonderful view across Kos town and the coast of Asia Minor beyond. The ancient Koans made creative use of the folds in the terrain of a little hill to erect the various buildings on three different levels.


The Asklepeion became particularly famous in ancient Greece thanks to the skill and wisdom of its Asklepiads (doctors) and in particular of the most eminent of them all, Hippocrates


Ancient Agora

The Agora, built right next to the harbor in order to facilitate trade, was in accordance with very recent findings, a building 80m wide with a length of about 300m. An impressive stairway leads from the road to the internal yard. Two columns that have been restored form a type of portico. It is estimated that the first construction of the Agora was between the 4th and 3rd centuries B.C., while the few pieces from the buildings that have been preserved clearly show many construction periods.  


The complete area around the harbor of the Medieval town was examined and the monuments that came to light became known as the harbor excavations or the ancient Agora excavations, and are all included in the eastern zone. A large section of the wall (80m by 2.5m high) built with large stones is visible. The eastern arm that protected the harbor began from the external side of the wall


Casa Romana

The main artifact found in the central excavation zone is the Casa Romana, to the right of Grygoriou 5th Street. This is a 3rd century. Roman villa built over the ruins of a Hellenistic house, where wonderful mosaics were discovered.


The villa is Pompeii style with 36 rooms and 3 atriums or internal atria yards with small tanks in the middle, together with a plethora of adornments.